The Best Detox Products to Support Weight Loss

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If you’ve been working to lose weight, you may have expected that you would feel great as you shed the pounds. Like many people on a healthy weight loss journey, you might be surprised to find that you still feel sluggish or even ill.

While losing weight can certainly be immensely beneficial to your overall health, it can also release toxins stored in your fat.

As your body burns more fat for energy, it’s natural to worry about where those toxins go.

Thankfully, there’s no need to panic. Detoxing — or removing those harmful toxins — can help you tackle cravings, reduce inflammation, embrace more energy, and feel great as you lose weight.

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Why Should You Detox When You Lose Weight?

Toxins are harmful substances your body can’t use. Many toxins you’ve ingested in the past end up stored in fat cells.

As you lose weight, those toxins can escape into your bloodstream and move through the body, polluting your organs (especially your liver and kidney).

As a result, you might feel fatigued and unfocused. Increased toxins can also lead to new health risks and conditions, from digestive issues to skin problems, such as acne or hives.

Because there are so many toxins released into your system as you lose weight, it’s a good idea to incorporate some detoxing into any weight loss/diet program.

Detoxing helps your body clear out toxins so they don’t accumulate, and it can be especially helpful if you’re on a low carb, ketogenic diet that encourages the body to burn more fat.

A detox is not the same thing as a cleanse!

Unlike a cleanse, which works through the digestive tract, a detox targets kidney and liver function. In other words, it gently boosts the body’s natural detoxification system so it can handle the toxin rush that comes with weight loss.

You also don’t need fancy products or supplements to detox.

Exercise is a wonderful way to detox, as it gets your body moving and sweating (though sweat only removes a small percentage of the body’s toxins — more on this later).

While any form of exercise has its benefits, rebounding has become especially popular for detoxing.

What Is Rebounding? How Does It Support Detox?

Rebounding simply means jumping or hopping on a mini-trampoline, called a rebounder.

This low-impact exercise allows you to build and tone muscle without harming your joints, especially the knees.

Rebounders are especially effective detox tools because bouncing stimulates circulation of the lymph system.

The lymph system is responsible for removing toxins, pathogens, and excess fluid from tissues and cells. It helps increase white blood cell circulation, improving the immune system. And, it plays a role in absorbing protein and fat-soluble vitamins from digested food and transporting them into the bloodstream.

A sluggish lymph system could cause a variety of serious symptoms, including:

  • weight gain/difficulty losing weight
  • puffy eyes and face
  • fatigue
  • chronic illness
  • autoimmune disorder
  • thyroid imbalances
  • headaches
  • allergies
  • swollen tonsils

There are lymph vessels all over your body.

Here’s the catch — the lymph system doesn’t have an automatic pump like the circulatory or respiratory system. That means it’s up to you to pump lymph fluid throughout your body.

Jumping up and down — or rebounding — causes these lymph vessels to open and close, allowing lymph fluid to flow back and forth.

Rebounding can be a fun way to boost your health and your mood.

Let’s take a look at two of the top rebounder options so you can find the right equipment to start your detox.

Women exercising on rebounders in fitness class

Bellicon Rebounder

What It Is

The Bellicon Rebounder is a springfree trampoline designed to last. While it has a higher price point than some competitors, it delivers the high-quality materials and features to match.

Its frame is constructed from sturdy, high-quality steel with screw-in folding legs. Its woven polypropylene mat is designed to resist stretching and cracking so you can keep bouncing with confidence.

The most unique feature of the Bellicon Rebounder is its use of natural rubber bungee cords rather than metal springs. These bungees are simple to replace, and they can be both bouncier and safer than other options. They can also be much quieter than squeaky springs.

How It Works

Rebounding is most effective when you can get a deep, gentle bounce that engages your muscles without straining your joints. The Bellicon bungee cords are designed to help you get the most out of each jump.

Bellicon offers six bungee colors and five resistance strength options. Using their helpful guide, you can customize your rebounder for your weight and exercise goals, whether you are looking for a gentle detox or a strenuous workout.

And because Bellicon bungees are easy to replace, you can always swap out bungees from day-to-day to mix up your workout.

If you are looking for a rebounder that makes detoxing fun, efficient, and soothing, we think you’ll love the Bellicon.

How to Use It

Simply purchase the Bellicon Rebounder and get bouncing!

Create a regular routine to get the most benefit from the detoxifying exercise.

If you need some support to get started and stay accountable to your exercise and detox goals, Bellicon also offers a variety of home video classes.

Where To Get It

Order your Bellicon Rebounder online. Their web shop also offers a variety of accessories and helpful tips.

Needak Rebounder

What It Is

The Needak Rebounder is another top option for fitness enthusiasts and detoxers alike. It’s built from high quality steel, and its Permatron mat resists stretching and cracking.

The Needak is less expensive than the Bellicon, making it a smart buy for someone on a budget. And some models can be folded for storage, making the Needak a practical option if you’re short on space.

The Needak is known for its one-of-a-kind spring systems, which allows for a cleaner and more buoyant hop than other spring-based competitors.

How It Works

Needak’s springs reduce impact, allowing for a deep bounce while limiting the chances of joint injury.

They offer a Soft-Bounce spring option, suitable for those under 300 pounds. The Soft-Bounce is also preferable if you’re rebounding to detox or you just want a gentle workout.

The Hard-Bounce spring option is suitable for those between 300 and 600 pounds, as well as those looking for a more strenuous workout.

Although the springs are well designed, like all springs, they still require regular lubrication, and they can still squeak and pinch. They can also be harder to replace than springless options like the Bellicon.

How To Use It

Just like the Bellicon, the Needak just needs to be purchased and set up.

Needak also offers exercise videos and guidebooks to help you get started and support your progress.

Where To Get It

You can order the Needak Rebounder online. Their webshop also offers accessories and replacement parts.

hand pushing away spoonful of refined sugar

Add a Sugar Detox to Remove Even More Toxins

As we noted earlier, you can’t sweat out all the toxins in your body.
In addition to rebounding, detoxing from sugar can be an important piece of eliminating toxins and supporting long-term weight loss.

It’s easy for the body to get addicted to sugar, leading to a cycle of cravings that can derail your nutrition goals.

Sugar also feeds harmful bacteria in the digestive system, which creates more health issues and more cravings for processed foods. All of this makes weight loss even more challenging than it already is, and allows toxins to keep collecting in the body.

A sugar detox can help you break the cycle of cravings so you can replace processed foods with nutritious options that support weight loss and cleanly fuel your body.

Bounce Your Way to Weight Loss and Wellness

You deserve to feel energized and healthy as you lose weight. And there are many ways to help your body process unwanted toxins so you reap all the benefits of your hard work.

Rebounding is a great way to detox and exercise. While the Bellicon and Needak rebounders are both top-of-the-line, we ultimately prefer the Bellicon Rebounder. We love the unique, easy to change bungee system, and being able to individualize our bounce meant we could detox or get a strenuous workout in.

To learn more about detox, weight loss, and getting the full benefit of a LCHF diet, check out our guide: “LCHF Diet: Everything You Need to Know About Going Keto.”

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