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Bring out the new in you

That’s our mission.

We make audios that empower you to make profound changes in your physical, emotional, or financial health. In short, we help you become the person you want to be.

How? The true power of hypnosis is not what it does for you, but what you do for yourself.

Often we feel stuck in our patterns because of subconscious beliefs that we take for granted as fact — beliefs that may not be true at all.

By casting away subconscious thoughts that limit your potential, you can replace them with new, empowering beliefs.

This allows you to take action and behave in ways that naturally help you live the life you desire.

Quality audios for genuine results

The script for each audio is written and read by a certified clinical hypnotherapist and hypnotherapy instructor.

All voice and background audio is professionally-engineered for maximum relaxation and enjoyment.

This tremendous emphasis on quality is why our hypnosis audios offer genuine results, and are so highly regarded and reviewed.

Over 7 million listeners worldwide

Now it’s your turn. We’ve received hundreds (if not thousands) of messages from people just like you sharing how our audios have helped change their lives.

We attribute this to the high quality and effectiveness of our inductions, which are deeply relaxing and designed to make you as receptive as possible to the hypnotic suggestions.

Listeners frequently report feeling a sense of empowerment and control after listening to just one session. And because there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, there’s nothing to lose.

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