The Healthy Weight Loss bundle

Make this the last time you lose weight with the Healthy Weight Loss bundle: a comprehensive hypnosis solution that can help you overcome any weight loss challenge.

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Does losing weight feel like a game of Whack-A-Mole?

When you’re dealing with multiple weight loss challenges, it can feel like there’s an endless series of obstacles in your way.

For example, maybe you’re finally hitting the gym, but you still haven’t kicked your unhealthy eating habits. Or perhaps you’ve changed your diet, but you’re still not motivated to exercise.

This can be frustrating, especially when there aren’t many solutions out there that can help you address all of your needs at once.

Knowing this, we created the Healthy Weight Loss bundle: a comprehensive hypnosis solution that can help you achieve your weight loss goals, no matter what’s holding you back.

Make today the last time you lose weight

The Healthy Weight Loss bundle includes four hypnosis audios, each focused around a different weight loss challenge.

This comprehensive approach allows you to tackle all of your challenges at once, getting you the long-lasting results you desire.

4 different audios for every weight loss challenge

Every audio was carefully selected to ensure you have everything you need to overcome any weight loss challenge, while achieving your ideal weight.

Lose Weight Hypnosis

Break bad habits, shift your mindset, and become the healthy person you want to be. Stop unhealthy cravings, impulsive eating, and destructive thinking. End the struggle for good by making healthy choices easily and automatically.

“It helped me stick to my workout and curb cravings”

This weight loss hypnosis audio really works! It has helped me stick to my workout and curb my cravings for everything unhealthy! The audio just guides you to choose healthier food, enjoy exercise, and it also helps you change your body image and see yourself thinner. I always feel really good after I listen.

— Tiffany L.

Enjoy Exercise Hypnosis

Feel more motivated to work out, stop making excuses, and see yourself become a naturally active person. Wake up with a burning desire to exercise that drives you to work up a sweat, no matter your age, weight, or fitness level.

“My health and quality of life have improved”

Before using this audio, I had excuses not to find time for being active. Now I can't wait to find time to do activities I love doing. My health and quality of life have improved.

— Andrew J.

Eat Healthy Hypnosis

Reduce your cravings for unhealthy foods, ditch bad eating habits, and start making healthy choices automatically. Let go of bad habits that no longer serve you and develop a new attraction toward fruits, vegetables, and other healthy options.

“I’m a believer”

I've been using this audio for a couple of weeks and I have found myself making better, healthier decisions with my food. I don't even crave the things I did before. I was skeptical before, but it seems too coincidental that these things would happen as I was listening to the audio. I'm a believer.

— Jennifer R.

Mindful Eating Hypnosis

Change your eating habits and develop control over food in a natural and effortless way. Begin craving foods that are good for you, and feel satisfied eating only what you need. Develop an appreciation for food and start feeding your body, not your emotions.

“For the first time in decades, I feel hope”

For over 40 years I have struggled with binge eating, stress eating, and not loving my body. I felt hopeless. Then, I began to listen to this audio and in just one week of daily use, I have noticed a change in the way I approach food and my body. I am truly grateful because for the first time in decades, I feel HOPE.

— Emily D.

Today’s price: just $19.99/mo normally $39.99/mo

Studies show: Hypnosis can help you lose more weight (and maintain it over time)

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology examined whether adding hypnosis to a 9-week behavioral weight-management program (like diet and exercise) would affect short- and long-term weight loss.

After 9 weeks, both groups had lost significant weight. But after two years, only those who used hypnosis showed significant additional weight loss, while those who did not use hypnosis exhibited little further change.

Another study published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology focused on weight loss in women.

The group of 60 women (aged 20–65 yrs) were divided into three groups: two experimental groups (hypnosis plus audiotapes and hypnosis without audiotapes) and a control group.

After 6 months, the groups using hypnosis lost an average of 17 pounds, whereas the group that did not receive hypnosis only lost 0.5 pounds.

Today’s price: just $19.99/mo normally $39.99/mo

The real results others have achieved with the Healthy Weight Loss bundle

Make healthy choices easily and automatically

Become the healthy person you want to be by changing the way your brain thinks about food and exercise. No more struggling to stay on track or fighting against bad habits.

Feel more motivated to exercise and eat healthy

Spark your desire to exercise and eat healthy by listening to a combination of messages that boost your energy, self-control, and determination.

Stick to your plan and lose the weight for good

Support your weight loss journey with consistent, positive reinforcement every step of the way. The more you listen, the more effective it will be in helping you achieve the results you desire.

Overcome binge eating, cravings, negative thinking and more

No matter what’s holding you back, hypnosis can help you overcome it and get you the results you’re looking for.

Use hypnosis to curbResults you can expect
OvereatingBe satisfied with sensible portions
CravingsBe attracted to healthier foods
Binge eatingStop eating when you’ve had enough, automatically
Emotional eatingNo more using food to soothe difficult emotions
Mindless eatingEat only when you’re hungry, and savor each bite
Negative thinkingExperience higher self-esteem
Avoiding exerciseCrave being active
HopelessnessBelieve you will reach your goal
Negative body imageCreate a clear vision of your healthy body and set your subconscious mind on a path to make it a reality

Hypnotic Booster BONUS! The secret weapon you won’t find anywhere else…

Hypnotic Booster BONUS! The secret weapon you won’t find anywhere else…

Have you ever tried to meditate, but your mind wouldn’t quiet down and relax?

This is very common, which is why we developed our exclusive Hypnotic Booster, a background sound that naturally induces your brainwaves into a state of relaxation called the “theta frequency.”

The Hypnotic Booster features a carefully-designed combination of sound frequencies — a different one for each ear — that triggers your natural relaxation response, allowing your mind to become more open to suggestion.

This unique combination makes every hypnosis session more effective, which means you can achieve your weight loss goals faster than ever before.

Why choose our audios?

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Written and read by an experienced professional

Hypnotic Booster
Deepen your trance with Theta frequency binaural beats background audio

“Future you” visualizations
Internalize a clear vision of your success for long-lasting change

Professionally engineered audio
Experience rich sound for maximum effect

No gimmicky audio tricks
We never use strange echoes or other nonsense (like many others do)

30-day money-back guarantee
Purchase with confidence

Achieve your weight loss goals once and for all

Get instant access to the Healthy Weight Loss hypnosis bundle and save $20/mo versus buying them individually.

Today’s price: just $19.99/mo normally $39.99/mo

If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, just contact us within 30 days for a full refund — no questions asked.

Join 7,000,000+ happy listeners

Frequently asked questions

How does hypnosis work?

Your mind operates in two states of awareness: the conscious and unconscious.

The conscious mind controls things within your awareness, like moving your hand or making a phone call.

The unconscious mind, however, stores all of your thoughts, memories, and beliefs, and it is the “control center” for habits, emotional responses, decisions, and motivation. In any given moment, your unconscious mind is processing about two million pieces of information. This means that while you may not be aware of it, your behavior is profoundly influenced by the activity happening within your subconscious mind.

As you can imagine, we all have a lot of subconscious limiting beliefs that can influence our choices and behaviors. In fact, over time, subconscious beliefs we accumulate as a result of difficult experiences in our past can negatively affect many different areas of our lives.

The key is understanding that a limiting belief is merely a subconscious thought — not a fact — and it can be changed.

Hypnosis helps you shape the beliefs in your subconscious mind so that you can behave differently in the future with very little effort. With hypnosis, you’re communicating directly with your subconscious mind, which allows you to easily update outdated, limiting beliefs, with positive, helpful beliefs.

Why does hypnosis work so well?

Hypnosis works so well because it communicates directly with your subconscious mind. In doing so, hypnosis gets to the root cause of your limiting behaviors or beliefs, so you’re able to experience results much faster than if you were to try and change using willpower (or your conscious mind) alone.

A recent study of hypnotizable people by researchers at the renowned Stanford School of Medicine demonstrated that people’s brains change in significant ways while under hypnosis. And those changes explain why hypnosis is effective for making changes in the subconscious mind, which is the “control center” for habits, emotional responses, decisions, and motivation.

Is hypnosis scientific?

Contrary to what you may have seen on television or in movies, hypnosis is a scientifically-proven method for treating a variety of conditions, from chronic pain to insomnia. The world-renowned Stanford University School of Medicine’s Stanford Center on Stress & Health teaches hypnosis techniques as a treatment in clinical settings as part of an integrative medicine approach. There have been hundreds of studies conducted published in reputable medical journals on the efficacy of hypnosis.

Can anyone be hypnotized?

Yes, almost anyone, but some people are more susceptible to hypnosis than others. Susceptibility to hypnosis can be measured with a hypnotic susceptibility scale, which classifies people into three categories: high, medium, or low susceptibility.

High susceptibility

About 10% of the population can readily experience dramatic changes in sensation and perception with hypnosis.

Medium susceptibility

About 80% of the population can readily experience the effects of hypnotic suggestion, and are highly likely to benefit from its clinical use.

Low susceptibility

About 10% of the population doesn’t respond strongly to hypnosis, but may experience benefits with continued use. Those with low susceptibility may experience difficulty entering a hypnotic trance.

How long/often do I need to listen?

Many people start to notice changes in as little as one session, but we recommend listening daily for at least one to three weeks to experience more substantial results. To make long-lasting changes usually requires listening regularly for one to two months, although everyone is different in this respect.

A small percentage of people are either unable to be hypnotized or have low susceptibility, in which case self-hypnosis may not be effective, or it may require listening over a longer period of time to notice changes. If you don’t experience the desired result within 30 days, you may contact our support department to request a refund.

Once you’ve achieved the desired result, listening to the recording from time to time will help you maintain your success.

How does it feel to be hypnotized?

The experience of being hypnotized can vary person-to-person. Because of the relaxation techniques used during hypnosis, many people often feel very calm and relaxed. Some people experience bodily sensations like a feeling of heaviness or lightness, even the feeling of floating. Some people become very focused. Others get absorbed into the hypnotic script and experience vivid imaginative experiences. Your own experience can also vary session to session depending on your own state of mind and environment at any particular time.

Will I lose control while I’m under hypnosis?

You will always be in control while listening to any hypnosis audio. In order to enter into a hypnotic trance, you will voluntarily become more and more accepting of the suggestions provided. But if the suggestions conflict with your wishes, you will always retain the ability to wake up from the trance and end the session. Rest assured, a hypnotic trance cannot make you act against your wishes.

Is ordering completely risk-free?

YES! We know from our customers that our audios work. But, if at any point within 30 days you decide that this audio is not for you, simply contact us and we will issue a prompt and courteous refund. Our refund rate is super low, so we’re confident you’ll absolutely love what hypnosis can do for you.

Today’s price: just $19.99/mo normally $39.99/mo