Listen to Genes to Fit in Jeans (DNA Testing for Weight Loss)

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Diet and workout regimens can be so frustrating, especially when you feel like weight loss is out of your control. Maybe you were born with a certain body type or a slow metabolism that seems to be working against you in your fitness goals.

You probably also know you can get healthy—but figuring out the right path can be so frustrating. You’ve tried diets and exercise routines that worked for other people, but you still aren’t seeing the results you want or need.

Before you can find the best path to weight loss, you need to understand what works for your body.

And that means understanding the role DNA plays in weight loss.

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Why Does DNA Matter for Weight Loss?

Though you may not realize it, your DNA can be extremely influential on your weight loss progress.

Certain genes may negatively affect your ability to lose weight, where others may actually assist in keeping the weight off. For this reason (and a few others we’ll get into later), knowing how you’re built biologically can help tailor your exercise regimen and diet to achieve fitness goals faster and more efficiently.

For example, the PPARA gene—when present—affects your ability to burn fat. This gene produces a protein that helps regulate your energy choice, which can actually increase your body’s ability to switch between burning fat and carbohydrates for fuel.

There are also two versions of this gene: the G allele and the C allele.

Studies have found that the G allele produces higher amounts of the PPARA protein than the C allele, which means people with the G allele can more efficiently switch between using fat and carbohydrates for fuel, which is extremely helpful for endurance athletes. People with the C allele, on the other hand, tend to do better with short distance sprints and sports primarily involving speed.

Your DNA can also influence food cravings. Copies of the FTO gene have been linked to increased appetite, which can make it easier to gain weight and more difficult to lose weight and keep the weight off.

There are so many different body types with different biological makeups, and thanks to modern advances in genetics, it’s possible for you to use your DNA to help you choose the best action plan for your weight loss and fitness goals.

A Completely Natural, Personalized Way to Lose Weight

illustration of human form emerging from dna helixUnderstanding your DNA might not seem as important as pushing through tough workouts and strict dieting. But, it’s a lot more influential on your weight loss goals than you might think.

If you understand your genes and how they affect you individually, you can custom create your exercise regimen and diet to work with your DNA (instead of fighting against it).

So, how can you change your fitness routine and lifestyle based on your DNA?

Knowing how your genes affect you can help you choose what types of exercise will work best for your body. Maybe you’re used to going on long runs or doing endurance workouts when you would actually lose fat more effectively through high-intensity interval training. Or, maybe the opposite is true: you might be built naturally strong and fast with a high recovery speed, and endurance workouts could be limiting your ability to burn fat.

Understanding your DNA can also help alter your eating habits.

Some people are naturally wired to eat more and have an increased risk for obesity, based on particular versions of the FTO gene we mentioned earlier. This gene can cause more severe cravings (especially of fattier foods) and increased hunger throughout the day. If you know how your body craves food—what it craves and when those cravings hit—you can combat those cravings by eating five small meals during the day instead of 3 larger meals.

Remember, we are all biologically different, and not all diets or workouts that helped others succeed will work for you.

Understanding the unique ways your body works can help you achieve fitness goals more easily.

Thankfully, DNA testing kits and programs like the one from FitnessGenes make the process easy.

FitnessGenes: One Quick Test to Find the Perfect Diet & Exercise [Review]

FitnessGenes helps you discover the best diet and exercise regimen for your body by analyzing your genes and providing personalized diet plans, workout advice, and health tips to help you reach your individual fitness goals.

What Do You Get With DNA Testing from FitnessGenes?

FitnessGenes will send you a DNA test kit with directions for how to provide a saliva sample by swabbing your cheek.

Depending on your fitness goals—whether it’s to lose weight, build muscle, or get fit overall—you will receive a personalized workout plan tailored to your unique genetics and lifestyle. The individualized workout plan will tell you exactly how and when to work out in order to reach your personalized fitness goals.

Along with the workout plan, FitnessGenes will also send a safe and nutritional diet plan based on your physique, fitness goals, lifestyle, and DNA. The eating plan focuses on giving you the optimal amount of calories and macronutrients your body needs to reach your goals.

Each FitnessGenes package also includes access to the Member’s Area. This is where you can find genetic results, specialized workout advice (including exercise videos), and optimal nutrition strategies based on your biological makeup and lifestyle. Additionally, you’ll find a glossary and other resources to help you understand the science of your DNA and why certain strategies are recommended.

How Can You Get Started With FitnessGenes?

FitnessGenes makes it easy to get customized results and plans based on your genetics and lifestyle. After choosing what fitness program best fits your goals, they will send you your kit with detailed instructions for how to take and send your DNA sample for analysis.

After 2–3 weeks for the lab to process your sample, you’ll be notified via email that your results are ready. From here, you simply access the members area to find your recommended workout regimen, diet plan, and resources to help you get started.

How Does FitnessGenes Compare to Other Programs?

There are lots of fitness programs, and even some other DNA testing and weight loss apps.

So, why use FitnessGenes?

Not only does the program provide you with detailed diet and exercise plans that are tailored to your unique biological makeup, but it provides education and resources to help you understand the role of DNA in weight loss and how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle in the most efficient and safe way possible.

You can get started with your personalized fitness programs by visiting

Lose Weight Your Way

By understanding your own DNA, you can tailor your diet and exercise to your individual body—instead of blindly following eating plans and workout regimens that may not be delivering results.

If you’re ready to get started with DNA testing, you can learn more about FitnessGenes and place an order here.

Or, learn more about why you struggle with weight loss (and what you can do to start seeing results) with our “I Can’t Lose Weight” ultimate guide.

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