Do Self-Hypnosis Audio Products Work?

Woman hypnotized by pendulum in a dream state

Maybe you considered hypnotherapy as a path to self-help, but you aren’t sure if it really works. Then you heard about self-hypnosis audio products. And while the price is right, you still have questions.

Can pre-recorded hypnosis audio products work for you?

Whether you’re considering in-person or pre-recorded hypnosis audios, the goal—and end results you’re striving for—are essentially the same. In fact, some might argue that listening to a hypnosis recording is more or less identical to sitting in a hypnotherapist’s office, with the only difference being the “catalyst” that gets you from where you are to where you want to be.

Affordability and Availability

Affordability and availability are two distinct advantages that audio hypnosis products have over a session with a hypnotherapist. Recorded self-hypnosis sessions can be listened to anytime, and often for a price radically cheaper than an in-person therapist visit.

In addition to being affordable, hypnosis recordings offer a range of benefits that you might think are only available when seeing a hypnotherapist in person.

There are hundreds—perhaps thousands—of recorded audio hypnosis products out there, and that abundance allows you to zero in on a specific challenge you are trying to address.

Keep in mind that in-person hypnosis may also include recorded audio experiences. Many hypnotherapists offer customized follow-up recorded hypnosis sessions or recommended self-hypnosis audios to complement the process.

Woman listening to hypnosis audio through wireless earbuds

How can hypnosis recordings support in-person hypnotherapy?

One of the most important aspects of achieving success with hypnotic suggestions is repetition. If you only see an in-person therapist once or twice a month, the hypnotic suggestions to help you change your behavior or mindset may take longer to “set” in your subconscious. Recorded audio hypnosis sessions can be listened to several times daily, and generally are designed to be about 15–30 minutes in length.

The easy access and shorter duration of hypnosis audio recordings allows you to choose a time that is right for you and your lifestyle, whether you prefer to listen before going to bed, immediately upon waking, or during a break in the middle of the day. In fact, you can listen to audio hypnosis recordings almost anytime, except when driving or operating heavy machinery.

Contrasting In-Person Hypnotherapy with the Audio Experience

If you aren’t sure how to get started with self-hypnosis audio, consider seeing an in-person hypnosis professional—even if only for a few sessions. He or she will ask questions about your life and any relevant details about your particular challenge. This approach lets you receive guided therapy that is tailored to your specific needs.

In-person hypnosis sessions aren’t right for everyone, though, and there are pros and cons to the personal interaction of working one on one with a hypnotherapist.

Woman undergoing hypnosis at therapist's officeOn the positive side, a professional hypnotherapist can customize their script to your personality. They can ask questions (both in and out of the state of hypnosis), respond to any feedback you provide, and observe both verbal and non-verbal cues to continually improve the work you do together.

However, when you are being hypnotized in a live hypnosis session, you can also fall into a feedback loop in which course-corrections are frequently made during the session. While this can be very helpful in addressing specific or non-obvious problems, it can also be distracting for some people (especially if you are uncomfortable with the idea of hypnosis in the first place).

Additionally, some people are simply too afraid and embarrassed to approach a hypnotherapist.

That’s ok!

If you are hesitant to meet with a licensed hypnotherapist, using pre-recorded audio hypnosis products offers an effective alternative. It opens up this important therapeutic approach as a path to self-improvement, while also effectively solving any privacy concerns. You can buy audio recordings virtually anonymously online if that is your choice, and you won’t have to worry about someone seeing you walk into a therapy center.

The Ongoing Benefits of Audio Hypnosis Products

The ability to listen to recordings multiple times each week (or each day) is a major advantage of audio hypnosis products.

Hypnosis itself is seen by many professionals as a complementary therapy, and we should view the use of recorded self-hypnosis audios in the same way. The more you experience self-hypnosis, the more easily you will be able to achieve the same state of consciousness in the presence of a hypnotherapist.

Audio hypnosis also frees you from the complexities of scheduling appointments, taking time off work to visit a therapist, and putting yet another to-do on your already full schedule. You can listen to an audio recording just about anywhere (and on whatever device you find most convenient).

You can enjoy the privacy and sound quality of headphones, or take advantage of the comfort and convenience of your phone or laptop’s built in speakers. Some customers find the high sound quality of headphones, especially noise-canceling versions, augment their hypnosis experience. Others find using speakers allows them more easily to drift off to sleep without having to remove headphones. It all comes down to what works best for you.

Another advantage that many of our own hypnosis audio customers point out is that hypnotic audios usually include pleasant background music or nature sounds that can help deepen your level of relaxation. Music is a powerful tool and when combined with self-hypnosis recordings, it can produce a really powerful and effective therapeutic session.

Keep in mind that the tone and music of audio hypnosis sessions are designed, therapeutically, to be relaxing. Even when you don’t feel like you’re able to fully comprehend the meaning of the words, there is a physiological benefit from listening to the recordings.

And remember, self-hypnosis—just like in-person sessions—leaves you in complete control. The subconscious mind can effortlessly reject any suggestion that it does not like, and you can’t be made to do anything you don’t want to do. Consequently, there’s no risk or danger in someone else listening in on an audio hypnosis session.

Convenient, Effective and Private Hypnosis

Person downloading hypnosis audio through a mobile deviceThere are advantages and disadvantages to self-hypnosis, and which one is right for you will depend on your personal circumstances and desired outcomes (and the quality of the recording you’re using).

Audio self-hypnosis recordings offer a clear advantage in terms of cost, convenience, repetition and privacy.

Whether you are visiting a hypnosis professional, listening to self-hypnosis audios, or using a combination of both, the benefits can be life-changing.

Learn more about self-hypnosis audios and how they can help you lose weight, sleep better, and manage emotional challenges like stress, anxiety and depression.