3 Hypnosis Recordings You May Need BEFORE Starting Weight Loss Hypnosis

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For most people, losing weight isn’t as easy as choosing to eat healthy or exercise more. Even when we know we should stay active and make smarter eating choices, willpower alone isn’t always enough.

You may feel like you’ve tried absolutely everything to lose weight, but keep ending up back where you started (or even worse off!). Maybe you found a diet, exercise routine, or hypnosis program that helped for a while, but no matter how hard you try or how fully you commit, it still feels like there’s an emotional block keeping you from accomplishing your goals.

In order to change how you think and feel about food and exercise, you need to address the larger issues that led to those thoughts forming in the first place. In some cases, that can be done with a traditional hypnosis for weight loss program, like our Hypnosis for Weight Loss audio bundle. Other times, however, you’ll need to address environmental or emotional issues BEFORE a weight loss program can have the desired effect.

So, where should you start? And, how can hypnosis help set the stage for weight loss?

Why Aren’t Weight Loss Programs Working?

If you’re often unhappy, anxious, or tired, you may think that losing weight will “cure” these problems and allow you to live a healthier and more fulfilling life. In fact, these problems can actually contribute to your weight loss struggles in many cases.

The truth is that most environmental and emotional issues can’t be solved by losing weight alone. And, expecting depression, anxiety, and other causes of distress will fade away naturally with your weight (instead of addressing those issues head on) can be frustrating. Even if you are losing the weight you want, you may blame yourself for not feeling better about it and fall back on old patterns of emotional eating as a source of relief.

That’s why it’s a good idea to get to the bottom of your weight loss struggles before starting a weight loss program.

If you aren’t sure what is holding you back, it might be a good idea to schedule a consultation with a therapist or hypnotherapist who can help navigate and address potential blocks.

You may already know that hypnosis for weight loss has an incredible 75-95% success rate. But did you know hypnosis can also be used to address issues like anxiety, depression, stress, or lack of sleep that might be making your weight loss journey more difficult?

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Hypnosis Recordings to Support Your Weight Loss Program

When you think of weight loss hypnosis audio, you probably think of recordings that focus on eating healthy, mindful eating, or learning to enjoy exercise.

While the recordings in this review don’t directly focus on losing weight, they respond to and address issues that are known to drive weight gain or make it more difficult to lose weight. And, they can play an important role in the weight loss journey by removing barriers and increasing self-confidence.

‘Relieve Depression’ Audio

art deco mural of womanFeelings of depression affect your appetite and reduce energy and motivation—all of which make it much easier to gain weight.

Many people struggle with overeating and binge-eating when they feel sad. Because food—particularly sugar—gives the brain an instant boost of serotonin to immediately make you feel happier, this practice of emotional eating can become an addiction. And, if food is your “go to” strategy to feel better, changing your eating habits can actually increase feelings of depression in the short-term.

Making things more difficult, a lack of energy and motivation tends to prevent you from going to the gym or exercise class.

Our Relieve Depression hypnosis audio allows you to explore your feelings and reassess negative self-thoughts. The hypnosis recording focuses on recognizing your depressed self and not only reintroducing happiness, but encouraging you be kind to that “lower version of you.” Instead of getting caught in a cycle of self-blame and doubt, you can reignite your motivation to be happy again.

Because depression can take such a toll on your body and mind, addressing this issue first and foremost will make it much easier for you to lose the weight.

When you have control of your emotions, especially sadness, you can feel a greater sense of control over your weight loss efforts and achieve greater success.

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‘Anxiety Relief’ Audio

Anxiety causes an unbelievable amount of stress, and it often leads to overeating. Emotionally, you may turn to food as a source of relief—it’s something you can actually control. Physically, your body thinks you’re burning calories while under pressure, so it craves more food even when it doesn’t need it.

As a result, anxiety can make sticking to a weight loss program much more difficult.

In our Anxiety Relief hypnosis recording, a certified hypnotherapist helps you relax and remove stress. You’re then guided to search deep within yourself to understand where in your body your anxiety stems from.

Not only can you better understand and recognize anxiety, but you can learn how to release past anxious feelings and replace them with newer, positive emotions.

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‘Sleep Well’ Audio

Getting good sleep is crucial to sticking to a weight loss program and preventing weight gain.
When you’re unable to get a proper night of sleep, you may feel fatigued and unmotivated, making it practically impossible to get enough inspiration to make it to the gym. Lack of sleep also increases stress levels and appetite, making it easy to gain weight (and hard to lose it) when you aren’t well rested. And if you’ve been running on low sleep for months or years, you might think this is how you’ve always felt, and question whether weight loss efforts are really worth it.

When your body feels rested, on the other hand, you have the energy to stay active and participate in hikes, bike rides, or even the occasional workout class.

Our Sleep Well hypnosis audio starts by guiding you toward a sense of warmth and gratitude for your daily life. The certified hypnotherapist walks through how to find and foster calmness within yourself, allowing you to feel completely relaxed, de-stressed, and ready for sleep.

When you can let go of the previous day’s stress and give your body and mind the rest they need, you can get more out of your weight loss efforts.

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Get Started on Your Weight Loss Journey Today

Before starting a hypnosis for weight loss program (or if you feel like you’ve plateaued), consider environmental and emotional factors that may be affecting your ability to lose weight or stay on a healthy weight loss regimen.

And if you feel like you need help addressing these issues to make weight loss easier, try supplementing your weight loss hypnosis audio with Relieve Depression, Anxiety Relief, or Sleep Well recordings.